Peer Review in European VET

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Implementation of Peer Review in European countries

In a fair number of partner countries, Peer Review is being introduced into the national quality schemes as a new methodology of external evaluation. Even two countries not participating in the European Peer Review projects, consider implementing Peer Review. In many of these countries, the Quality Assurance National Reference Points (QANRPs) set up as points of liaison between the members states and the European quality networks (currently ENQA VET, starting 2010 the EQARF network) will play a substantial role in the proliferation and transfer of Peer Review to the national level, perhaps even in the coordination and support of national and/or transnational European Peer Reviews.

On the European level, the European Network for Quality Assurance in VET (ENQA VET) has established a Thematic Group on Peer Review which in the past one and a half years has developed a proposal outlining a process and structure for sustainable transnational Peer Reviews starting 2010.

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