Peer Review in European VET

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Archive of the Newsletters

Peer Review Newsletter 10


• Preliminary results of research and analysis on impact of Peer Review
• National implementation of Peer Review in Austria
• Quality Conference for VET in Finland, September 2010
• Peer Review and Quality Assurance in the Netherlands

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Peer Review Newsletter 9


• face-to-face Peer Training Curriculum
• European Peer Review Manual for (initial and continuing) VET – update
• follow-up project “Peer Review Impact” (2009-2011)
• Austrian Lifelong Learning Award 2009 for the European Peer Review Manual

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Peer Review Newsletter 8


• Conclusions and documentation of the International Peer Review Conferencea
• Peer Review video
• European Peer Review Reader
• Peer Review Manual for Guidance in Adult Education.

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Peer Review Newsletter 7


• International Peer Review Conference, Sept. 28-29, 2009, Lisbon (Portugal)
• Web-based Peer Training Programme
• European Peer Review Manual in CZ and TR

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Peer Review Newsletter 6


• Peer Review Extended II: Project aims, activities and status quo
• Peer Review activities in Austria:
- Austrian Peer Review Pilot Project
- Feasibility Study on Peer Review
• ENQA-VET Thematic Group Peer Review
• New publications:
- Peer Review Reader (German)
- Externe Evaluierung durch Peer Review (German)
• Events: Peer Review at the Conference "Quality in VET"

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Peer Review Newsletter 5


• National scenarios - Implementing Peer Review as Part of the CQAF.
• Final project conclusions Peer Review Extended

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Peer Review Newsletter 4


• European Peer Review Tool-box
• European Peer Review Tool-box - German version

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Peer Review Newsletter 3


• European Peer Review Manual
• Experiences from the Pilot Phase
• International Peer Review Conference, September 13 - 14, 2007 - Pecs, Hungary

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Peer Review Newsletter 2


• Overview of Pilot Phase
• How is a Peer Review conducted?
• Follow-up Project has started
• New Proposal 2007

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Peer Review Newsletter 1


• What is Peer Review?
• European Peer Review Manual
• Peer Review and the Italian VET providers - first experiences from the pilot phase (Giorgio Allulli, Ismene Tramontano)
• The project "Peer Review in initial VET" in a nutshell

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