Peer Review in European VET

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Newsletter 5


Dear colleagues,

Our project "Peer Review Extended" is completed. The results are availabe on our project website Our work on Peer Review in European VET will, however, continue within the project "Peer Review Extended II" (2008-2009).

In the current newsletter we would like to draw your attention to

• a report with national scenarios and recommendations for the implementation of Peer Review within the CQAF, and

• the final project conclusions of the project "Peer Review Extended".


 National scenarios

NEW! - Scenarios for Peer Review implementation within the CQAF on national/ regional levels are available.  

 Final Project Conclusions

NEW! - Conclusions of the project Peer Review Extended are available.  

We hope that our Newsletter provides relevant and interesting information for VET professionals in Europe. Should you have questions or need more information, please contact us. We welcome feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Maria Gutknecht-Gmeiner
Judith Proinger

Österreichisches Institut für Berufsbildungsforschung
Austrian Institute for Research on Vocational Training