Peer Review in European VET

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Phase 2: Development - completed

Work Package 3: Rough Draft of Peer Review Manual and Feedback
Work Package 4: Finalisation of Draft Manual
Work Package 5: Peer Review Expert Pool

Duration: May 2005 to January 2006

The second project phase was dedicated to developing the main products of the project. A rough draft of the European Peer Review Manual drawn up in summer 2005 underwent intensive feedback from the project partners and the extended project network during November and December 2005. Additionally, a Gender Mainstreaming check was performed and a first version of the European Peer Review Manual consolidated in November 2005. This first version of the European Peer Review Manual was the basis for the Pilot Peer Reviews carried out in 2006.

Concurrently with the adaptation and finalisation of the draft Manual, a Peer Expert Pool was established and a Peer Training Programme was developed between October 2005 and January 2006.