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02/25/09  (jp)

VET providers

College for Tourism Vienna 21

Austria, Vienna

Link: http://www.tourismusschule.at

Federal College and Research Institute for Textile Industry and IT

Austria, Vienna

Link: http://www.spengergasse.at

Odense Technical College

Denmark, Odense

Link: http://www.ots.dk

Helsinki Culinary School

Finland, Helsinki

Link: http://www.perho.fi

Jyväskylä Vocational Institute, Catering College

Finland, Jyväskyla

Link: http://www.jao.fi

South Carelia Vocational College

Finland, Lappeenranta

Link: http://www.ekamo.fi

CNOS-FAP National Federation

Italy, Rome

Link: http://www.cnos-fap.it


Italy, Monza

Link: http://www.ipsiamonza.it

Secondary High School "don Milani - Depero"

Italy, Rovereto

Link: http://www.mide.it

ROC Aventus

Netherlands, Apeldoorn

Link: http://www.aventus.nl

CECOA - Vocational Training Centre for the Trade

Portugal, Lisbon

Link: http://www.cecoa.pt

Technical College of Post and Telecommunication "Gh. Airinei"

Romania, Bucharest

Link: http://www.ptcbuc.8k.com

Aberdeen College

United Kindom, Aberdeen

Link: http://www.abcol.ac.uk

Dalum UddannelsesCenter

Dalum College of Food and Technology
Denmark, Odense S

Link: http://www.dalumuc.dk

Randers Technical College

Denmark, Randers

Link: http://www.randersts.dk


Centro Italiano Opere Femmilili Salesiane - Formazione Professionale CIOFS-FP Puglia

Link: http://www.ciofsfppuglia.it