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02/27/09  (jp)

Phase 3: Implementation and Evaluation - completed

Work Package 6: Peer Training Programme
Work Package 7: Organisation and preparation of Peer Reviews
Work Package 8: Pilot Peer Reviews
Work Package 9: Evaluation of pilot phase

Duration: February 2006 to December 2006

In the third project phase the Peer Review procedure outlined in the draft European Peer Review Manual was in eight countries. All 13 operative partners of the project successfully carried out pilot Peer Reviews. With one additional partner joining the project and one partner conducting two reviews in different departments, the European Peer Review procedure was piloted in a total of 15 Reviews.

How is a European Peer Review conducted?

A Peer Review must be carefully planned.

In the preparatory phase the operative partners were matched with suitable peers and a timetable for the pilot reviews was established. In every Peer Review at least one transnational peer was involved to account for the European dimension. The selected Peers received training.

About 1,5 to 2 months before the Peer Review, the VET Provider must have finished the self-evaluation and written a Self-Report. This Self-Report serves as a basis for the Peer Review. The Peers study the Self-Report. In cooperation with the VET Provider they identify the relevant topics and quality areas for the Peer Review and set up an agenda for the Peer Visit.

The heart of the Peer Review is the site-visit by the Peers. It takes two and a half days (including half a day reserved for the preparation of the Peer Team). During the Peer Visit, the Peers conduct a brief and very focused evaluation gleaning data on relevant quality issues through interviews, observations and a walk of the premises. They analyse the findings and give a first oral feedback to the VET Provider at the end of the visit. This feedback session should foster dialogue and allow for a communicative validation of the findings of the Review by the VET Provider. The evaluation results are summarised in a Peer Review Report.

Evaluation of the Pilot Phase and the Products

Both the pilot reviews and the European Peer Review Manual did undergo (meta-)evaluation by an external evaluation partner, Univation Institut für Evaluation Dr. Beywl & Associates GmbH. An evaluation report provided the key results and recommendations for the adaptation of the European Peer Review procedure.