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11/30/09  (jp)

European Peer Training Curriculum

The European Peer Training curriculum was developed within the project "Peer Review Extended II" in close cooperation between partners from Austria, Finland, Denmark, Spain, and the United Kingdom and with frequent input and feedback from VET practitioners between November 2007 and September 2009.

As a first step, a competence profile of Peers was developed based on the requirements concerning competences of Peers set out in the European Peer Review Manual, enriched by a reflection of experiences with Peer Review in the participating countries as well as by the results of a survey of training needs among Peers from the previous projects.

Necessary elements of a Peer training programme were identified during the first transnational partner meeting in March 2008. A first curriculum structure was elaborated by the expert team and discussed and decided upon in an interim meeting in June 2008. The competence profile and the curriculum were then also analysed against professional standards in evaluation by the project coordinator. The modules of the curriculum were developed by the responsible partners in summer 2008 and tested in pilot trainings in Austria, Finland, and Denmark between October 2008 and March 2009.

The final structure and content of the curriculum was decided after an evaluation and assessment of the pilot trainings at the second transnational meeting in April 2009.

The European Peer Training has a modular structure and consists of the following parts:

Part I:   Competence profile for the Peers
             European Peer Training Curriculum

Part II:  Quality assurance

Part III: Training modules

Part IV:  Case Study
              Cases of good practice from Austria, Finland, and Denmark

Part V:   Self-supported web-based Peer Training

Download the complete European Peer Training.

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Peer Training - short version
The short version of the European Peer Training contains an overview of the curriculum, the training modules (Part III) and a checklist for quality assurance (Part II). 

The short version is available in English, German, Finnish, Catalan, Spanish, Danish, and Portuguese