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10/29/10  (jp)  [1 Comments]

Implementation of Peer Review in the Austrian Quality Initiative in VET

In autumn 2009 the implementation of Peer Review within QIBB, the Austrian quality initiative for vocational education and training, started. ARQA-VET, the Austrian Reference Point for Quality Assurance in VET, is responsible for the coordination, operative support and quality assurance of the Peer Review process. Also, Peer Trainings are being organised via ARQA-VET.

In the first round (2009/10), 9 VET providers from all over Austria participated. The second round has started in October 2010. Peer Trainings will be provided in Vienna (November 2010), Linz (January 2011) and Klagenfurt (April 2011). Furthermore there will be further education offers for existing Peers.

ARQA-VET is also very interested in making transnational Peer Reviews possible, especially in recruiting transnational peers for the Austrian Peer Register (currently 57 people). For further information regarding the Peer Register please contact Gabriela Wulz (gabriela.wulz@oead.at), ARQA-VET.

For more information see also www.peer-review-in-qibb.at (in German).