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02/09/11  (jp)  [1 Comments]

Impact Analysis

During the Peer Review projects, data on usability and usefulness of Peer Review for VET institutions have been collected through monitoring, evaluations and in partner meetings and presentations at international conferences (esp. in the International Peer Review Conferences in Pécs 2007 and Lisbon2009 respectively). Some Peer Review partner institutions have also publicly presented the measures they have taken after the Peer Review. Yet, comprehensive data on the use of Peer Review had so far not been available.

In the project Peer Review Impact, a thorough investigation and analysis of a sample of the 25 Peer Reviews conducted between 2006 and 2009 was carried out to

  • Check whether Peer Review actually has had an impact on the reviewed institutions and whatkind of impact it is
  • Understand how this impact comes about
  • And to distil critical success factors for Peer Review implementation from these findings.

This called for a meta-evaluation of the pilots to determine “programme fidelity”, i.e. to what extent quality requirements of the Peer Review procedure relevant for further use of Peer Review results have been observed. Furthermore, the actual use of Peer Review (use of findings, but also process use) needed to be explored and instrumental use evaluated. This then should lead to the identification of critical success factors to optimise evaluation use and impact.

The results are presented in a report:

Peer Review Impact Analysis Report. Analysis of 14 transnational European Peer Reviews carried out in eight European countries 2006-2009.